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The course centers around the premise that successful business outcomes depend on effective, clear communication. When our text is coherent, accurate and engaging our customers, business partners and the wider communities we serve, will feel respected, engaged and motivated to work with us.

Participants will bring to the course a current work document. They will be led through a series of hands on, practical tasks designed to build skill and confidence with the writing process. Participants will apply what they learn to their own documents during the course.


This course is useful for anyone wanting to improve their business writing skills.


  • Write for readers - how to identify target audience need and meet expectations
  • Measure twice, cut once - how to research, plan and seek clear direction before writing for efficient time management
  • Sentence structure basics - how to write grammatically correct, successful sentences every time
  • Punctuation  matters - why paying attention to the small stuff matters - refreshing the basics
  • Style and tone - genre theory and language coding basics, which tone and style works best across which range of text formats
  • Complexity to simplicity - how to master the challenge of communicating technical, specialist information for non-specialists
  • Precision and concision - how to create a sense of urgency and dynamism to motivate and engage your readers
  • Cohesion and logic - how to build sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs into whole documents without losing coherence


One day


Morag McTaggart from Dunedin

With over twenty-five years' English teaching experience, Morag is an accomplished education professional. She has held numerous significant English education positions, among them; English Head of Department, Literacy Specialist Teacher and NZQA Specialist Contractor.

Morag brings to her workshops an extensive understanding of the best ways to foster engaged, active learning. Her lively approach, coupled with plenty of laughter, builds a constructive learning environment. From here, new skill acquisition and most importantly, lasting change can take place.

Robin has been an accredited Four Quadrant Leadership facilitator since 1990 and is in constant demand throughout New Zealand, Australia (and more recently South Africa) teaching these well researched and highly regarded leadership principles and practices. His belief in, and commitment to, these universal truths are evidenced in the passion, energy, and authority he brings to every programme he is responsible for.

Course Dates

Dunedin 29 March 2019 09:00 am - 04:30 pm OSEA, 16 McBride Street, Dunedin


$ 630.00 + GST for members
$ 895.00 + GST for non-members


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