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Dunedin Office

16 McBride Street, Dunedin 9012
PO Box 473, Dunedin, 9054
Phone: 03 455 5165


Freephone: 0508 656 757

Invercargill Office

192 Spey Street, Invercargill 9810
PO Box 1159, Invercargill, 9840
Phone: 03 218 7451


Freephone: 0508 656 757

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Chief Executive

Virginia Nicholls

Managing Solicitor (Dunedin)

Diana Hudson

Senior Solicitor (Dunedin)

David Browne

Solicitor (Alexandra)

Stu Adamson

Health and Safety Administrator (Invercargill)

Charlotte Wouda

Training Co-ordinator (Invercargill)

Madusha Kaluarachchi

Finance and Administration (Dunedin)

Nadia Gauchet

Member and Financial Services (Dunedin)

Anne-Marie McKay

Solicitor (Dunedin)

Adam Siwerski

Advocate (Dunedin)

Roger Gudsell

Training Coordinator (Dunedin)

Ann Clearwater

Training Manager (Dunedin)

Tracey Scurr

Senior Training and Membership Advisor (Invercargill)

Stacey Burrell

Administration Manager (Dunedin)

Mandy de Leeuw

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