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Understanding your training and development needs and delivering flexible high-impact, expert-facilitated training programmes is the cornerstone of what we do.

Employers' have proven experience in supporting you, your team and your organisation through continuing professional development.

You will deal with a dedicated team of learning professionals. In addition to our own specialist employment and health and safety teams, we also partner with some of New Zealand's most experienced facilitators who are carefully selected for their practical experience, subject matter expertise and their skills to bring the learning alive.

We believe in an inspiring, engaging and challenging, but safe, learning environment.

In addition, we manage and deliver training programmes on behalf of the New Zealand Institute of Management (NZIM) and ExportNZ in Otago and Southland and act as the Otago agent for Business Mentors New Zealand.

As a member, you have access to all Employers', NZIM Learning and Development, She's Motivated and ExportNZ training programmes, business forums and events, all at members' rates.

Contact us to begin your training and development today!


    Your professional development partner

     Public programmes for the individual

We offer a full calendar of public training programmes and workshops through-out the year.

Choose from our diverse range of programmes in the following critical business areas

— Accounting + Finance

— Communication

— Export

— Health and Safety

— Health + Wellness

— Human Resources + Employment Law

— Innovation

— Leadership Development

— Learning and Development

— Managing People + Teams

— Project Management

— Sales, Marketing + Customer Services

— Technology.

Programmes have been designed to provide businesses, corporates, government departments, managers, leaders, individuals and teams with what they need to achieve their business and life goals, develop personal skills and improve performance, productivity and effectiveness.

The advantages of attending public programmes are that participants learn from our experienced facilitators as well as other course participants from other organisations and businesses, and participants may complete different programmes at different levels, depending on their own levels of experience.

Download PDF or click here to read our Training Directory online. 

     In-House programmes for the team

All of our public programmes can be delivered in-house exclusively for your team.

In-house training offers you the flexibility, impact, confidentially and expertise when, where and the way you need it, with the option of having the programme tailored to your organisations specific needs. Contact us for a training proposal.

     Customised programmes for the organisation

We encourage you to contact us to discuss ways we can partner with you to develop and customise a training programme and/or work with you to support your organisations strategic objectives and focus on your teams unique learning and development needs. 

     Business coaching and mentoring

We offer business owners and their staff personalised business coaching and mentoring to empower you to build your organisations capabilities.

Our team of employment lawyers and health and safety consultants offer coaching either over the phone or face-to-face.

Our business coaching programme is flexible depending on your needs. Please contact us to discuss your unique requirements or alternatively click here to learn more. 

     Advanced study

We offer the opportunity to complete nationally recognised certificate and diploma qualifications.

     NZTE Capability Development vouchers 

The Otago Southland Employers' Association is registered to accept New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) Capability Development vouchers. 

Over 100 Employers', NZIM Learning and Development, ExportNZ and She's Motivated professional development training programmes, courses, workshops and qualifications are registered for voucher redemption. Click here to learn more.

Discuss your professional development with us 

Joanne O'Connor
Training Manager    

Andrea Blackley
Specialising in Employers' and She's Motivated training

Rachelle Blatch 
Specialising in NZIM training

John Rigby         
Specialising in ExportNZ training



View all events in A-Z training list
View all events by category
View all events in calendar format