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Health and Safety Forum

Nigel Latta
Clinical Psychologist
The Psychology of a happy ending

Nigel will explain why people feel the way they so often do about Health and Safety. It should be the easiest sell in the world, but often it’s the hardest. The good news is that there is a way forward, and it has a lot to do with understanding how to turn the shortcomings of our stone aged brains to our advantage.

Phil Parkes
Chief Operating Officer - WorksafeNZ         
Priorities for the health and safety system

Phil will outline WorkSafe’s priorities and approach to the health and safety system’s measureable improvement in performance.

Chris Jones
General Manager Health and Safety at the Department of Corrections
Health, Safety and wellbeing within a corrections setting

Chris will outline the approach taken to achieve good health, safety and wellbeing within the uniquely challenging New Zealand Corrections setting.  He will provide insight into the Department of Corrections’ critical health, safety and wellbeing risks and talk about the key building blocks that all businesses should address, regardless of their size or operations.

Lisa Burdes
SkillsConnect Canterbury Business Advisor - Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce                 
Communication in the culturally diverse kiwi workplace
  • Language, barriers and risk – keeping new migrant employees safe

  • Recognise how Kiwi work culture and communication is different (and often difficult) for newcomers

  • The strategies for keeping your message clear

  • Gain insight into the work styles of specific cultures

  • Communicate your health and safety messages more effectively with newcomer staff

 Helen Parkes
 Partner - Cosman Parkes Ltd
 Good Governance and setting a strategy

Helen will outline the attributes that constitute effective health and safety governance, and will provide practical examples of how those can be harnessed to both support your organisation to improve and will to help those deemed “officers” to practically meet their due diligence obligations. She will focus particularly on the role of the board in setting health and safety strategy.

 Leon Fox
 Principal – Safety Associates
 Health and Safety Contractor Management

Working with contractors and sub contractors has always been tricky. With the changes in the law it has only become trickier.

In this session you will discover:

When pre-qual is necessary?

What pre-qual is good for?

Assurance and Audit – how much is enough?

What is means to consult, cooperate and coordinate 

 Matt Sadgrove
 Health and Safety Manager - Delta
 Identifying and assessing Critical Risks

Matt will talk you through the use of the Bowtie method of Risk Assessment and how it has helped Delta understand the level of control they have on their critical risks and he will also explain how the Bowtie method has helped Delta understand strengths and weaknesses in their workflow when trying to achieve safe outcomes.

 Phil Clarke
 General Manager – Messenger Services Ltd
 Implementing a wellness program

Case study: Starting a Movement toward wellbeing 

The success of Post Haste’s award-winning wellbeing programme, The Movement, is based on the fact that is has been deeply embedded in to the strategy and culture of the organisation. As such, The Movement managed to improve a range of outcomes for the business, its employees, and the wider community. This session highlights how the programme came about, the process of successfully implementing the initiative and shares ideas on how to maintain momentum and avoid ‘second year syndrome.’

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