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Certificate in Business (First Line Management), Level 4

Offered in partnership with IMNZ
Institute of Management, New Zealand

Kick start your management career!

If you are a new team leader, manager, supervisor or an aspiring team leader a great start and the right training makes all the difference.

The new IMNZ Certificate in First Line Management (Level 4) gives you the comprehensive skills you need to manage your performance and that of others. It will give you a solid understanding of customers, processes and business.

  • Apply models and techniques to manage team workflow to achieve team and operational objectives

  • Communicate effectively in written and verbal form to motivate and involve team members

  • Manage and develop relationships with both internal and external stakeholders

  • Apply professional and ethical behaviours in the workplace

  • Adapt own leadership style for different situations

  • Create a culturally collaborative work environment

  • Manage team performance for improved productivity


Those new to the role of team leader, manager, supervisor, or aspiring team leaders.


Module 1: Leading Operations

Learn the operational skills to manage team processes, workflow, and supporting team performance to achieve operational objectives

  • Maintain agreed team processes to achieve the organisation’s objectives

  • Manage workflow and the operation of the team

  • Effectively communicate to support the team to achieve goals

  • Behave in a professional and ethical way, regarding social and cultural needs when managing team workflow

Module 2: Lead a Team

Move beyond the operational focus to further develop the skills required for effective team leadership, and for developing and managing relationships with team members and other key stakeholders 

  • Adapt leadership style for effectiveness in different situations or environments

  • Demonstrate effective written and oral communication for different situations

  • Behave in a professional and ethical way when managing team relationships and resolving conflicts

  • Use an inclusive and collaborative approach that values diversity when communicating with team members

Module 3: Lead Productivity

Discover the techniques to increase team productivity including the knowledge and skills to motivate and involve team members to support a productive workplace

  • Communicate team operational strategies and develop team relationships to achieve team objectives

  • Apply performance management practices and performance appraisal processes to assess the requirements for team performance against the organisational criteria

  • Communicate performance requirements to team members and other stakeholders

  • Motivate and involve team members to maintain a productive environment to achieve team objectives.


Your organisation will have managers in place that have gained the relevant skills to manage teams productively resulting in 

  • Improved productivity

  • Staff retention

  • Increased team morale

  • Reduced conflict

  • Improved people performance


Prospective learners must be in management or volunteer work situation with the ability to work with others, to allow them to complete the assessment requirements.


Six days; 3 x 2 days 

- Module 1:  18 - 19 June 2018
- Module 2:  10-11 September 2018
- Module 3: To be confirmed


This workshop has qualified for the NZTE Capability Development voucher programme | Regional Business Partner Network event reference OSEA611

Small and medium size businesses may qualify for vouchers to help pay for services such as training workshops, courses and coaching that build the management capabilities of their owners, operators and key managers. Approved businesses will receive a voucher for up to 50% of the course investment fee.

For more information on the NZTE Capability Development voucher programme or to find your local Regional Business Partner please visit


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$ 4500.00 + GST for non members

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