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LeadingEdge Teams

Offered in partnership with Leadership + Teams

It starts with a great culture + vibrant workplace and it comes down to you 

We can vouch this will be one of the best days for your Team. Building a TEAL-based team will speak to you and your team's specific needs and aspirations PLUS the team's drive and focus. We talk real culture and brand - that's not given lip service - it's given true-blood pumping life. We’ve customised this unique LeadingEdge Teams workshop so it speaks to you and your team's specific needs and aspirations PLUS the team's drive and deliberate focus. There will be a number of different teams in the room from different sectors and you’ll be amazed how the collaboration and creativity becomes highly contagious and energising.

The concept starts with building a solid foundation. Turning cultures into leading-edge workplaces where everyone is invigorated and contributing with unprecedented levels of energy, passion and creativity. Folk work to their strengths with passion. They are fully on-board and contributing to their organisations WHY and WHAT. Add to this, the excitement of WHO they are being in the process and they know exactly why they are getting out of bed in the morning. They live and breathe their values day in and day out. They devour exploring and gaining a greater understanding of each other. They take precious time to self-manage, all the time ramping up their emotional intelligence. Combine this with a highly defined social awareness and a deep sense of purpose, and the results from these thriving organisations speak for themselves.

We show you ‘how to fish’ so you can place this template on any team – especially with change - establishing those crucial cornerstones with -

  • Fast-start teaming principles so that your team hits the ground running

  • Awareness and understanding techniques to encourage true collaboration

  • Confidence and energy renewed through everyone's leadership

  • No rocket-science techniques to motivate, build and sustain team rapport that’s leading-edge


Register 1 team with up to 6 people

  • What moves your team towards self-management, wholeness and a deepens your sense of purpose

  • Robust problem-solving with everyone – less waiting, more solutions

  • What encourages people to show more of their true selves and fuels a collective hunger for success.


Corene Walker

Bringing out the best in people is where I love to be! As we move into a new generation of leading where emotional intelligence is to the fore, and bridging the gap between the Millennials and X-Gen, I’m excited to be a big part of this global movement.

Described as your greatest cheerleader, your healthiest disruptor, wise, courageous, vulnerable, brave, intuitive, passionate and gutsy ~ it is a daily pleasure to hold space for what is possible when it comes to empowering people to be exceptionally themselves. Whether you are leading from the front or behind, everyone is a leader.

As a mother of two, business leader, traveller, coach and fun-loving speaker, I’m uniquely placed to share practical, real-life advice from the coalface. My background spans from dance to the corporate world, to health, wellness and personal development, to people-skills and leadership development – all in different sectors ranging from rural and agri to education, roading and construction, professional services to sport.


OSEA Members: $600+GST for a 1 team of up to 6 people*
*Excludes 1x digital TetraMap instrument @ $40+GST per person
Non Members: $650+GST