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Advanced Human Resources - NEW!

Part two to Essential Human Resources.


Productivity in the workplace is vital for increased profit and success. Find out how to improve workplace productivity through effective leadership, workplace culture, professional development, and innovation. Discover how to improve employee engagement and retain top performers for succession planning.


Business owners, managers and supervisors with human resource responsibilities; and human resource professionals. 

  • Current human resources trends in New Zealand

  • Case studies on how to improve staff retention, engagement and productivity

  • Improve productivity in your workplace, through
    -  Effective leadership and positive culture
    -  Professional development
    -  Improving flexible working
    -  Diversity that works
    -  Improving personal productivity
    -  Organising work for effectiveness
    -  Networking and collaboration
    -  Employee wellbeing
    -  Reward and remuneration
    -  Measuring for success

  • Manage contemporary issues, including
    -  Use of technology
    -  Privacy and social media
    -  Settling migrants into the workplace
    -  Managing an ageing workforce and Generation Y
    -  Implementing policies for your workplace

This programme is designed to promote questions, in-depth discussion and an action plan. 

  • Find out how to effectively manage current issues and trends affecting human resource and people managers

  • Discover how to manage challenges of flexible working arrangements, greater technology, and diversity

  • Explore how to adapt modern workplace practices to your business

  • Develop good practice that aligns with the law, and discover how to grow and retain your staff for organisational results


Two days

FACILITATOR - Kathryn Finn

Kathryn Finn has a degree in Psychology and Sociology, and a Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management.

With a background in HR, Kathryn has lectured for a tertiary organisation in HR and management. Kathryn has eight years of experience as a team manager in the UK, and has dealt with a wide range of HR issues and recruitment.

She is passionate about creating an engaging workplace that gets the best out of its people, in an environment that is positive and productive.

An experienced facilitator, Kathryn has produced workbooks and presentations on a wide range of HR issues such as flexible working, workplace policies and essential HR practices. 


This workshop has qualified for the NZTE Capability Development voucher programme | Regional Business Partner Network event reference OSEA574

Small and medium size businesses may qualify for vouchers to help pay for services such as training workshops, courses and coaching that build the management capabilities of their owners, operators and key managers. Approved businesses will receive a voucher for up to 50% of the course investment fee.

For more information on the NZTE Capability Development voucher programme or to find your local Regional Business Partner please visit 


$ 975.00 + GST for members
$ 1375.00 + GST for non members

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