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Workplace Literacy and Numeracy

Low literacy and numeracy in your workforce could be impacting your bottom line. 

Employer-led funding is available to employers to set up a sustainable literacy and numeracy programme to increase the literacy and numeracy skills of employees. 

This may be for employees who can’t perform the reading, writing, numeracy or digital technology demands of their job or who have insufficient English language skills to communicate at work.

The programme, funded by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), provides

• A programme designed to meet your specific company’s needs

• Expert instructors

•  Training onsite at your workplace, timed to fit around workloads and production schedules

• One-on-one or small group sessions – 2 to 4 hours per week

• Minimum of 40 hours per person

• Delivered over a minimum of 10 weeks and a maximum of 40 weeks. 

Business outcomes

Get business benefits from improving literacy, numeracy and communication in your workplace including 

• Increased productivity and profitability

   − reduced error rates and less time per task
   − reduced wastage
   − improved quality of work
   − better staff retention
   − reduced absenteeism

• Enhanced compliance and reputation

   − fewer workplace accidents
   − more accurate near-miss and incident reporting
   − greater participation and engagement with health and safety processes

• A higher performance workforce

   − better team performance
   − greater participation in team, tool-box and other work meetings
   − improved capacity to cope with change
   − increased take-up and achievement in vocational training

• Increased customer satisfaction

   − fewer customer complaints and less re-work
   − increased customer loyalty
   − greater breadth of service quality.

Otago Southland Employers’ Association are currently taking expressions of interest from workplaces across Otago and Southland who wish to be part of a consortium arrangement with other workplaces to build the literacy and numeracy skills of their employees (collectively a minimum of 20 employees).

We can also help you with the eligibility criteria and to apply for Workplace Literacy and Numeracy funding.

To learn more please contact our Training Manager by phoning 0508 656 757 or emailing