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Effective Business Writing


Offered in partnership with IMNZ
Institute of Management, New Zealand

We often take writing for granted – but it’s one of our most valuable tools.


Focusing on structure, purpose, conciseness and plain language, this programme will help you to write accurate, attention-grabbing documents. We’ll teach you practical skills and techniques that make it easy to engage your audience and get exactly the right message across.


Your role involves written communication in various forms, or if you would like to develop your professional writing skills.

  • Plan, draft and prepare written communications in a variety of formats

  • Adapt your writing style to reflect the nature of the document and its target audience

  • Present documentation for impact using plain language and appropriate tone

  • Review and proof-read communications to ensure quality and consistency


Staff will have the skills to write professional documents that are clear, reader-focused and engaging.


One day


Morag MacTaggart from Dunedin
BA English, P.G. Dip Tching

In 2014 Morag received a cry of help from one of Dunedin’s principle corporates. Poor writing practice was wasting time and company resources.

"I can’t get my own work done. I spend all my time proof-reading and re-writing everyone else’s work. I need help!"

From here The Writer’s House, a communications consultancy dedicated to the training, mentoring and guidance of workplace writers began. Morag has now mentored and run courses for workplace writers from all spheres; from senior executives to staff that spend the majority of their day in the field. Sitting at the heart of Morag’s workshops is the understanding that successful business outcomes depend on effective, clear communication. When our text is coherent and engaging our customers, business partners and the wider communities we serve will feel respected and motivated to work with us.

With over twenty-five years' English teaching experience, Morag is an accomplished education professional. She has held numerous, significant English education positions, among them; English Head of Department, Literacy Specialist Teacher, NZQA External Examinations Marker and NZQA External Examinations Moderator. She brings to her workshops a deep knowledge of the English language coupled with an extensive understanding of the best ways to foster engaged, active learning. Her lively, no nonsense approach, coupled with plenty of laughter, builds a constructive learning environment. From here, new skill acquisition and most importantly, lasting change can take place.


This workshop has qualified for the NZTE Capability Development voucher programme
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Small and medium size businesses may qualify for vouchers to help pay for services such as training workshops, courses and coaching that build the management capabilities of their owners, operators and key managers. Approved businesses will receive a voucher for up to 50% of the course investment fee. 

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Dunedin 21 August 2018 9.00am - 4.30pm OSEA, 16 McBride Street, Dunedin 21/08/2018 09:00 21/08/2018 16:30 96 Effective Business Writing Dunedin - OSEA, 16 McBride Street, Dunedin dd-mm-YYYY
Invercargill Register your interest 16/07/2018 11:59 16/07/2018 11:59 96 Effective Business Writing Invercargill - Register your interest dd-mm-YYYY
Queenstown 16/07/2018 11:59 16/07/2018 11:59 96 Effective Business Writing Queenstown - dd-mm-YYYY


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$ 950.00 + GST for non members

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