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Governance Best Practice

Facilitated by Doug Marsh from Wellington

One-day New Zealand Institute of Management professional development programme

Programme objective

There is increasing recognition that economic recovery and being competitive in the global market strongly correlates to having outstanding boards and competent directors. Pressure on board’s and director performance demands are intensifying.

This has lead to the term “Best Practice Model for Directors – Standards for the Board”.  These are not prescriptive but provide a framework for application and benchmarking comparison for high standards of professionalism, director competence that culminates in successful business outcomes.  

Designed for

This programme addresses best governance practice for company boards, public sector boards, not-for-profit boards, clubs, sports bodies, schools, trusts – any governance body. 

Learning content  

  • Understanding and applying director “Best Practice” standards of governance professionalism and competence

  • Better exercise responsibilities/accountability as directors

  • Adopt a shareholder/stakeholder value based approach to board decision-making and its application to business success

  • How to approach the new position on the board

  • Lead, develop and implement a value-based philosophy

  • Make more effective contribution to board decision making, governance culture and application

  • Appreciate the important corporate governance issues that impact on boards

  • Understand the scope of legal, financial, and ethical matters that impact on boards

  • Conduct relationships with other board members and those external to the board, with greater confidence

  • Assess and appreciate the attitudes, needs, and opinions of investors, analysts, shareholder/stakeholders and other interest groups

  • Managing risk

  • Better understand the board’s role in public affairs, media relations and other communications.

You will be encouraged to participate, debate, develop creative ideas, test your judgement, defend your opinions - so that you will develop confidence to transform knowledge and inspiration into winning governance performance. 

Doug Marsh

Doug is a retired Canterbury based Chairman, Professional Director and Consul for Korea, Justice of the Peace, Life Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Management, Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Directors, Inaugural President and Board Chairman Business New Zealand, three term President Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce, and past National President New Zealand Institute Management.

His career spans forty years in listed company senior management and directorships within the following sectors
• Heavy engineering and plastics manufacturing
• Water infrastructure enhancement/irrigation
• Agriculture, horticulture and forestry sectors.

Doug studied governance best practice in New Zealand, Australia and Henley College UK.  He is a frequent presenter of governance and strategic leadership programmes. 

This workshop is registered for the NZTE Capability Development voucher programme. Vouchers may be used to help businesses pay for services such as training workshops, courses, and coaching that build the management capabilities of their owners, operators and key managers | Accelerate Success Event Reference NZIM261


$ 600.00 + GST for members
$ 750.00 + GST for non members

Terms & Conditions

  • Employers’ terms and conditions
    (includes Employers’, She’s Motivated and ExportNZ) (PDF 210Kb)
  • NZIM terms and conditions (PDF 200Kb)


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