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Professional Front Office and Administration Skills


This programme will provide receptionists and front office staff with practical skills and knowledge to ensure that they provide a professional and outstanding service to both internal and external clients.


Receptionists, administration assistants and those people working in front of office positions. 

  • The role, functions and attributes of the professional receptionist
    - Review the functions of the reception role
    - Reaffirm the importance of the receptionist's role
    - Realise what skills and attributes are required to be an outstanding receptionist 

  • The importance of first impressions
    - Creating a professional first impression of yourself and your organisation 
    - Recognise how the way you present yourself affects your credibility 

  • Professional telephone techniques 
    - Using different techniques to sound confident and assertive 
    - Using the phonetic alphabet
    - Handling messages effectively 
    - Creating a professional image by speaking correctly and clearly 

  • Delivering excellence in customer service 
    - Recognising the importance of exceptional customer service and total customer care 
    - Handling calls positively from the start to the end
    - Dealing with challenging customers using the FIRST technique to resolve issues successfully
    - Recognising the barriers to effective listening and how to overcome these 

  • Communication skills 
    - Identify four different behavioural styles and how to best work with each one to enhance communication and reduce conflict
    - Sharpen your rapport in seven quick steps
    - Recognise today's business writing trends 

  • Time management 
    - Planning your time more effectively
    - Dealing with interruptions/diversions
    - Managing e-mail  
    - Plan a simple project quickly 

  • Understand the role and function of the front office/reception staff

  • Recognise what is required to deliver excellent customer service

  • Communicate better with both your external and internal customers


One day


Robyn Bennett from Blenheim

After 17 years secretarial experience supporting senior management, Robyn established a business that specialises in providing training in office administration.

Robyn is known for her interactive and fun training style, ensuring participants are learning, and increasing their skills and knowledge.  


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$ 600.00 + GST for members
$ 820.00 + GST for non members

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