A picture of health in the workplace

1 August 2017

Thank you for your assistance with the 2017 survey of workplaces: Wellness in the Workplace.

BusinessNZ and Southern Cross Health Society have released the results from the latest survey on absenteeism, workplace stress and wellness initiatives in businesses and public sector organisations across New Zealand. 

Key results from this year’s survey

•  In 2016 NZ lost 6.6 million working days and $1.5 billion due to absence

•  Absenteeism is slightly down from the last survey – from 4.7 days to 4.4 days per employee per year

•  Workplace stress has risen more than 20 percent since the last survey

•  Public sector employees are absent an average of 2 days more per year than private sector employees

Wellness in the Workplace is here on www.businessnz.org.nz

Thank you again for your assistance in producing this valuable data towards the goal of healthy New Zealand workplaces.

Kirk Hope, CEO BusinessNZ