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We can provide you with professional expertise and resources on such issues as employment law, human resources or health and safety, either face-to-face or by phone including


Employment agreements
»  Advising on terms and conditions of employment
»  Preparing, reviewing and updating Individual Employment Agreements (Permanent, Fixed Term or Casual)
»  Advising on the interpretation of Employment Agreements
»  Negotiate Collective Agreements

Employment Law advice
»  Holidays and leave
»  Dealing with absences, medical incapacity and ACC issues
»  Understanding good faith in the employment relationship
»  Dealing with unions
»  Distinguishing between contractors and employees
»  Payroll and KiwiSaver
»  Remuneration (including Wage and Salary survey)
»  Flexible working legislation

Restructuring and redundancy
»  Advising on process for redundancy and restructuring
»  Advising on essential communications with staff prior to finalising your restructuring decisions

Human resources
»  HR policies and procedures including
      – Holidays and leave
      – Bullying
      – Social media
      – Alcohol and drugs testing
      – Disciplinary procedures
»  Recruitment and induction
»  Performance management and appraisal processes
»  Employee handbooks
»  Exit strategy

Procedural and discipline advice
»  Disciplinary investigations, including suspension, disciplinary warnings and dismissal
»  Performance and capability situations
»  Managing poor performance
»  Managing workplace conflict, including incompatibility
»  Managing bullying, sexual harassment, dishonesty or theft allegations
»  Advising on disciplinary matters and personal grievance claims
»  Undertaking independent/external investigations
»  Recommend the best approach to minimise risk

Representation at
»  Mediation
»  The Employment Relations Authority and Employment Court
»  ACC reviews and appeals
»  Health and Safety prosecutions, and
»  Human Rights and Privacy Tribunal Hearings

Your questions on employment and human resource matters can be answered promptly thanks to expert solicitors, who are just a phone call away. As a member benefit, one-off calls of up to 15 minutes are free. 


»  Design and update your health and safety systems and wellness programmes
»  Review your health and safety documentation, policies and systems and advise of any necessary safety improvements
»  Hazard identification and analysis
»  Undertake a pre-audit reviews for ACC Workplace Safety Management programmes
»  Help you establish Employee Participation Schemes
»  Work station, office and wider work activities assessment
»  Provide practical assistance with on-going health and safety issues in your workplace through discussions and attendance at meetings
»  Development of strategies to deal with health and safety issues, for example, health and wellness, stress, rehabilitation, work related health issues
»  Management discussions regarding health and safety legislation and regulations
»  One-on-one mentoring to build your organisations capability
»  Provide training to management and staff on health and safety responsibilities and practices via public workshops, in-house and tailored training solutions.

Your questions on health and safety can be answered promptly thanks to qualified health and safety consultants, who are just a phone call away. As a member benefit, one-off calls of up to 15 minutes are free.

    Professional development solutions

Employers’ has proven experience in supporting you, your team and your organisation through continuing professional development.

Our extensive business training curriculum offers you the opportunity to learn from experienced facilitators who are carefully selected for their expertise and knowledge, innovative ideas and practical tips, and ability to bring the learning alive.

We believe in an inspiring, engaging and challenging, but safe, learning environment.

Programmes are designed to provide businesses, corporates, managers, leaders, individuals and teams with what they need to achieve their business and life goals, develop personal skills and improve performance, productivity and effectiveness.

If you can’t come to us – we can come to you! Benefit from our in-house and tailored professional development solutions or one-on-one business coaching services.

We offer training solutions to meet every need
»  Public programmes
»  Qualifications
»  In-house training
»  One-on-one business coaching and mentoring
»  Briefings
»  Speaker events
»  Forums and conferences

Click here to learn more about our professional development solutions or alternatively, please contact our training team.

    Creating policy

With us, you have influence in the corridors of power.

By joining Employers’ you become a member of BusinessNZ, New Zealand's most influential voice for business and employers.

Through Business NZ you will have a team of experts who will put forward your interests to the decision makers at the heart of policy-making

»  Your interests will be actively represented at local, regional and national level
»  We prepare submissions and comment including changes to legislation
»  We issue statements of opinion across radio, television and in the press on members’ behalf
»  Invitation to business briefings with key BusinessNZ policy staff
»  We listen to what our members want – you influence what we do.

In addition, this also gives members’ access to
     – ExportNZ
     – ManufacturingNZ
     – BuyNZ
     – Sustainable Business Council