OSEA is proud to partner with NZIM Invercargill Trust in bringing you internationally recognised speaker John Shackleton Live in Invercargill

 Mindfulness and Stress

On the 19 October, John will provide a valuable learning experience that will help build the health and well-being of you, and your staff.

Many people are reporting that their stress is at an all-time high (as reflected in our society with the rise in depression and anxiety rates); and stress has been described as the “epidemic of the 21st century.”

We all lead busy lives. We get caught up in competing priorities and challenging situations and we are all facing a faster pace and more extensive change than at any point in history – we need to find new ways of doing things if we are to not only survive, but excel in what we do.

Hundreds of scientific studies have shown that Mindfulness helps us increase our resourcefulness, productivity, creativity and resilience whilst teaching us to stop making stress. The approach is now being used by high achievers all over the world to help them achieve more but with less stress.

Mindfulness helps to

  • Develop sustained attention

  • Reduce fear to become relaxed, focused and at ease in all situations

  • Make quicker, better decisions

  • Stay poised under pressure

  • Develop better health and wellbeing

  • Improve connection and collaboration

  • Reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.

This keynote will be especially useful for managers, team leaders, or anyone who recognises they need to do more to take good care of themselves in relation to stress.

John Shackleton, CSP Performance Expert

John comes from a Sports Psychology background and has coached Olympic medallists and world champions. For the last 30 years as a speaker, trainer and coach he has taught sales people, managers and business owners to use sports psychology techniques to achieve greater results in their business and personal lives.

In addition, he is an award winning speaker and a best selling author, who is always challenging people to look inside and find some aspect of their lives that they can improve upon and in doing so, achieve better results.

John’s own personal journey has recently lead him to the study of Mindfulness and the amazing effect it can have on our stress levels. His keynote presentation will look at the neuro-science behind the ancient practice of meditation and teach us how we can dramatically improve our lives by applying the practice of mindfulness to everything we do.


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